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Production excellence: precision and rigidity.

All Bragonzi horizontal boring and milling centres are distinguished by technical choices consolidated during the course of the many years of activity of the company.
These choices, which are continuously kept up to date by intense research and technical innovation activity, guarantee that Bragonzi centres have maximum rigidity and precision for every mechanical process.
The high power and torque of the spindles, which are available starting from low revolutions, ensure that Bragonzi centres have excellent performance and high productivity.

Long-last reliability and performance.

The movement of the three main axes (X, Y and Z) takes place along extensive flat guide tracks made of steel which is hardened and ground to ensure a sufficient level of rigidity to withstand the stresses produced as a result of the excellent removal capacity of the machines.
The process of producing the cast iron structures of Bragonzi machines takes place, from start to finish, completely inside the production facility, starting with the company's foundry.
Bragonzi rotary tables have the following main features in common: hydrostatic bearings, movement with double pinion gear and automatic backlash recovery; hydraulic locking of the rotary table.

Control of production, ergonomics, safety.

Particular attention has been paid to the comfort and safety of the operator, with cabins designed for easy access to the workpiece, active coolant filtering systems and chip recovery systems.


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